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Plastic Pipe Machinery

Plastic Pipe Machinery includes Plastic HDPE LDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine, Electric Conduit PVC Pipe Production Line, Automatic Nylon Tube Extrusion Facility Line and 3 Layers Pert Solar Tube Extrusion Line. Take the Electric Conduit PVC Pipe Production Line as an example.
Electric Conduit PVC Pipe Production Line is mainly used for the production of agricultural water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, cable laying and other plastic PVC pipes of various pipe diameters and wall thicknesses. The unit consists of a conical (parallel) twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine, and a turning rack.
The screw extruder and the traction machine adopt imported AC frequency conversion speed control device, and the vacuum pump and traction motor are all made of high quality products. The tractor has two claws, three claws, four claws, six claws and eight claws. It can be used with saw blade cutting or planetary cutting type, and with a length gauge and thickening device, the unit has reliable performance and high production efficiency.
The company can produce inner wall spiral tube, inner wall hollow tube and core layer foam tube unit replacement extruder according to the requirements of users, and can produce PVC, PP, PE, ABS, and PPR, PEX, silicon core tube. Other materials and other materials. The planetary cutting machine adopts fully automatic computer numerical control, which has the advantages of convenient operation and reliable performance, and has reached the international leading level.
Zhaoxing Extrusion Machinery, as China plastic pipe machinery manufacturers and suppliers, offers a great selection of plastic pipe machinery made in China with competitive price. The factory provides various kinds of plastic pipe machinery as what you want to buy.