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Plastic Foam Extrusion Equipment

Plastic Foam Extrusion Equipment is favored by more and more customers. It utilizes mechanical regenerative granulation and is a new development approach for the recycling of waste plastics. It is a low-investment, fast-income, non-polluting project. It is an ideal project for family investment and SME conversion, and there is no investment risk. All kinds of plastics (agricultural film, preparation bag, convenient bag, beverage bottle plastic bucket, old sandals, etc.) can be processed into plastic particles, which are mechanically operated from cleaning to pelletizing.
Process flow:
 The raw materials are crushed by a pulverizer -> put into the host plasticization -> auxiliary machine extrusion -> water or wind cooling -> automatic pelletizing -> bagging.
1.Plastic Foam Extrusion Equipment uses technology, design, and waste foam recycling granulation equipment manufactured by foam recycling process.
2. The set of complete sets of equipment can be automatically and continuously produced. Due to the improvement of machine manufacturing strength, the equipment can be continuously produced in 24 hours.
3. The whole machine has the remarkable features of small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality of finished products and wide adaptability, and will not affect the output.
4. The exterior is equipped with a fully enclosed safety shield. One is to avoid high temperature burns and to avoid leakage of electrical appliances.
5. The main and auxiliary machines are used for production, the heating temperature is stable, the molecular structure of the material is effectively improved, the gas permeability is enhanced, and the particle quality is obviously improved.
Foam granulator use: It is used to process EPS foam (foam glue) such as used snack boxes and home appliance packaging, and convert it into recycled PS pellets. This recycled plastic can be used to make a variety of stationery, toys and electrical enclosures.
Zhaoxing Extrusion Machinery, as China plastic foam extrusion equipment manufacturers and suppliers, offers a great selection of plastic foam extrusion equipment made in China with competitive price. The factory provides various kinds of plastic foam extrusion equipment as what you want to buy.