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Plastic Board Extrusion Machine

Plastic Board Extrusion Machine can adapt to the special requirements of different users, shorten the development cycle of new products and strive for greater market share. Specialized production can arrange the production of various system module components of extrusion molding equipment and even global procurement. It is very beneficial to ensure the quality of the whole period, reduce costs and accelerate capital turnover.
The unit has superior design performance, high degree of automation, uniform plasticization, stable extrusion volume and high output. The precision calendering roller has the correct adjustment device to ensure the accurate setting of the sheet and the plate. Imported frequency converter, PLC touch screen control.
The various matching parts of the production line equipment are brand-name products, combined with the manufacturing technology and experience of the board (sheet) equipment of our company for many years, making it more reliable and perfect. The surface of the produced product is smooth and has small dimensional error, and has many advantages such as corrosion resistance and strong insulation.
PVC/WPC crust foaming sheet production line Product features and functions PVC crust foaming sheet, with sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, insulation and other properties. The board is flame retardant and can be self-extinguishing and safe to use. Each series of products has the properties of moisture proof, mildew proof and non-absorbent, and the shockproof effect is good. After being made of weather-resistant formula, each series of products can have a long-lasting color and is not easy to age.
The product is light in texture, convenient for storage, transportation and construction. It can be applied using general woodworking tools and can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed, glued, etc. like wood. It is suitable for thermoforming, heating bending and folding, can be welded according to general welding procedures, and can be bonded to other PVC materials. This product has a smooth surface and is also printed. (To clean the surface before printing).
Welcome to buy high quality plastic board extrusion machine made in China from professional plastic board extrusion machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Contact our factory for more details.