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Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Equipment

Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Equipment

The single and double wall corrugated pipe production line is the Qingdao zhaoxing suji machinery introduction overseas advanced technology, unifies our country actual national condition, develops the

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Our Plastic Single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line  can produce various size with various corrugated shape according to your request. and upon your request, this machine can automaticly insert steel wire into pipe by special designed device.

Corrugated pipes' Application: wire harness protection tube. water tube, PEX, PPR pipe protection cover.
Material: PE, PP, PA6, PVC

Diameter scope (mm): 4-10 10-16 16-40 50-160  160-400

  • Features of plastic corrugated pipe

  • Corrugations provide flexibility not possible with straight-walled tubing

  • Durable and light weight

  • Unslit or Slit configurations for easy installation

  • Primarily used as conduit -- more protective, durable, and less cumbersome than cable ties

  • Available in many colors, including beige to match computer workstations

  • Custom variations include other grades of Nylon or Polyethylene, Polypropylene for heat stability, EVA additive for flexibility, and custom colors

  • Can be used as vacuum hose -- more flexible and lightweight than most ply-wrapped hoses

  • Use as a decorative cover for toys, furniture, fixtures




Qingdao Zhaoxing Extruder Machinery Co., Ltd

TEL: +86 532 82222628  Mobile: +86 13583211497

Skype: suen.jackie

E-mail: tony@plastic-extrusion.cn

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